10 Best Above Ground Pool Cleaners Of 2022

The best above-ground pool vacuums are made to sweep or clean the inside of a pool without requiring it to be drained. Electric pool cleaners and pool robots are more costly, but they are not dependent on your pool’s water supply. In addition to vacuuming, they can effectively scrub stuff away.

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After long research on pool cleaners, we successfully made a list of the 10 best above-ground pool cleaners in 2021 for you. If you don’t want to spend hours cleaning your pool by hand, invest in the best pool cleaner available today.

#1. Best Automatic Suction above ground pool cleaner for algae

If you have little investment for your pool cleaning and want a powerful above-ground pool cleaner then this one is especially for you. Because it is cheap, simple and the best selling pool cleaner on amazon.

It comes with 10 hoses, enough for your 30 feet pool. You can clean the pool’s bottom and walls but it does not clean stairs. If cleaning stairs is your main task then you can choose the next one. 

This pool-cleaning equipment is powered by your pool’s own pump and does not require any tools or electricity. It moves at a speed of 8 to 12 feet per minute around the pool. A self-navigating system makes it easier. It means you don’t need to waste your time cleaning the pool. 


✅ Cheap

✅ Very Simple

✅ Cleans algae & dirt


❌ Cannot clean stairs

❌ It needs 1 hp swimming pump to function properly

#2.  Best auto above ground pool cleaner for Intex pool

Above Ground Pool Cleaners

This powerful pool cleaner is specifically designed for pool owners, and it cleans and vacuums the entire pool floor automatically for hassle-free pool care. Vacuums come with a 24-foot line that connects to inlet connectors using 1 1/2-inch or 38-mm hose fittings. It contains four small plastic wheels that make it easy to move around the pool.

Like the first one it also does not require electricity to function and clean your whole pool by itself, just connect it with your filter pump and walk away but you have to come after few minutes to clean the catcher.


✅ Capacity to clean corners

✅ Just filter pump is required to run

✅ Cleaner that is based on pressure

✅ Affordable


❌ May not automatically work with other than squar shaped pool (can be used manually)

Above Ground Pool Cleaners

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is intelligent enough to ensure that the pool’s bottom is completely covered. The machine is equipped with strong brushes and powerful suction ability that can pick up fine and medium-sized trash. It can clean most pools in two to three hours, but because it moves at random, certain areas may go dirty.

Even though its manufacturer does not claim that it is made for the above ground pool It can scrub and brush above ground pool walls and stairs, keep in mind that if you are buying it for a little pool then it is the best above ground pool cleaner, and if your pool is large, you should not get it. 

Note: Even though it’s made for inground pools you feel free to buy it for an above-ground pool because we have tried it.


✅ It has its own power source

✅ It takes less time to clean

✅ Comes with two scrubbing brushes

✅ Both floor and walls can be cleaned 

✅ Excellent filter


❌ Specifically made for inground pools 

#4. Zodiac Suction side above ground pool cleaner

Above Ground Pool Cleaners

The Zodiac MX6 is a suction-side pool cleaner that is both compact and strong. It uses less energy than any other cleaner in its class, making it perfect for pools with variable and 2-speed pumps. It comes with a hose and a one-year warranty.

Best for small above-ground swimming pools as we have tested it twice, it picked leaves, dirt, and other small items perfectly. So, it is highly recommended that if you really want to save your money and precious time buy this one it will be worth your money.


✅ When the suction setting is high enough, it may climb walls.

✅ It can be used with a variety of pump outputs and speeds.

✅ Larger debris can be easily removed thanks to the trapdoor lid.


❌ May not be ideal for wall climbing

Above Ground Pool Cleaners

The Water Tech Max is designed to pick up debris quickly and efficiently. Includes a 10.5″ vacuum head that can be removed for general cleaning or simply remove to reveal the nose cone head for hard-to-reach spots. Max can run for up to 1 hour on its lithium-ion battery. This unit’s small stature makes it suitable for cleaning smaller pools or hot tubs rapidly without the need to connect power supplies.

It has a terrific multilayer filtration system that concentrates on removing particles from the pool, ensuring that there is no debris left in the pool. In the pool, this multilayer filter gathers both large and fine trash. It has a fine mesh filtration basket. A nose cap, body cleaner, vacuum head, filter bag, and lithium battery charger are all included.


✅ Lightweight

✅ It’s powered by a high-capacity lithium-ion battery

✅ Vacuum Head 10.5″ & Crevice Nozzle

✅ Affordable

✅ Well-designed


❌ Small stones or acorns are tricky for the unit

Above Ground Pool Cleaners

This above-ground pool cleaner is a suction-based cleaner that is both silent and strong. It will easily eat small and medium-sized particles, ensuring that your pool’s floor, walls, and steps are thoroughly cleaned. You don’t have to be concerned about its installation because it doesn’t require the use of any tools or plumbing.

Even with lower horsepower pumps, the FlowKeeper Valve in this suction pool cleaner automatically regulates water flow to assure peak performance. To clean more efficiently and with less flow, the Zodiac can be used with any single, two-speed, or variable-speed pump.


✅ Excellent value

✅ Durable

✅ Maintenance-free


❌ Does not work well with large leaves

#7. DOLPHIN E10 Automatic Robotic swimming pool cleaner

Above Ground Pool Cleaners

Dolphin is a superb above-ground pool unit. It’s simple to use, and while getting in and out of the pool takes less than two minutes. The cost is hefty, but the ease and automation make it worthy.

The DOLPHIN E10 Automatic Pool Cleaner will assist in the removal of nearly all sorts of debris from above-ground pools. It comes with a sophisticated brush that removes bacteria and algae from the pool surface quickly and effectively. Each cycle takes roughly 90 minutes to complete.

On the control board of this pool cleaner, there is only one button for turning the machine on and off. You can simply clean the pool without much effort thanks to superior filtering and robust pool floor cleaning capabilities.


✅ It’s simple to use and doesn’t require any setup

✅ Best scrubbing brush 

✅ With swivel technology, the cable is tangle-free.

✅ Within 1.5 hours, the cleaning is completed.


❌ Does not climb the wall

#8. Hayward W3900 Wanda the whale automatic pool vacuum for above ground pools

Above Ground Pool Cleaners

The Wanda the Whale Cleaner is meant to thoroughly clean the bottom of pools. It runs independently of your pool’s filtration system and attaches directly to your skimmer, taking less than 10 minutes to install without the use of any equipment. A superior bumper ring decreases friction and keeps the device away from walls, steps, and ladders until the task is completed.


The above-ground pool cleaner can clean pools up to 27 feet in length and uses the SmartDrive system to maneuver the vacuum more efficiently.



✅ This cleaner’s innovative, curved head shape enables it to finish the steering pattern quickly.

✅ Operation is simple and trouble-free.

✅ There is no need to empty the debris bag.


❌ You will have to be careful while buying this pool cleaner because of the bad customer service

#9. Aquabot above ground pool vacuum

Above Ground Pool Cleaners

The Aquabot Pool Rover Junior is ideal for an above-ground pool with a flat bottom. The cleaner is created with a powerful pump motor and is designed to be easy to operate and maintain. It has an adjustable axle pin that helps to enhance coverage while preventing wire tangling.

This cleaner’s filtering and cleaning capacity reduces the chemical, water, and energy costs involved with pool maintenance by minimizing the amount of time your pool’s filtration system has to operate. It has a built-in pump and filtration system, as well as a reusable state-of-the-art filter bag that traps algae and bacteria as small as two microns, as well as dirt, leaves, and sand. The unit contains an easy-to-use navigation system that can clean any form of an aboveground pool.


✅ Exhibits exceptional abilities

✅ There’s no need to use clumsy hoses.

✅ Cycle time is only 2 hours.

✅ Caddy that is dependable and convenient


❌ The structure of the cleaner isn’t as strong as it could be.

#10. Poolvergnuegen Automatic Turbine Suction Pool Cleaner

Above Ground Pool Cleaners

One of the best suction pool cleaners is the Hayward Poolvergnuegen pool cleaner. It has advanced Derby management technology that allows you to clear the pool of all forms of debris and trash. However, if your pool has a lot of garbage, it may only give limited services.

It is powered by your existing pool pump and filter. Multiple internal steering sequences are pre-programmed to assure comprehensive pool coverage. Revolutionary wheel treads improve climbing ability and obstacle maneuverability, while innovative changeable roller skirts ensure optimal suction on rough surfaces.


✅ Treadwear indications indicate when a replacement is required.

✅ Even when confronted with impediments, the adjustable skirt maintains suction.

✅ The expense of maintenance is minimal.

✅ Features turbine vans with auto-adjustment

✅ Tire threads to climb walls

✅ Pools of various sizes and forms can be cleaned.

✅ Debris management technique that is simple to use



❌ It’s not best for cleaning a lot of debris.




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