16 Best Leaf Vacuum Mulcher-shredder of 2022

A good leaf vacuum reduces yard work – no more raking leaves or piling up leaf bags. But how do you know which leaf mulcher is best for you?

The best vacuum depends on the size of the yard project. Some believe that only gas-powered leaf vacuum mulchers generate the most maximum power output, however, gas leaf vacuums are more difficult to start and produce more noise than other engines. The following is a list of some of the best leaf vacuum mulchers on the market right now. But before buying must consider the following factors.

Factors to think about Before buying

Gas-engine leaf vacuums are far more powerful and resistant to clogging than corded or cordless models, especially when pulling in twigs, wet leaves, or a combination of the two. Those materials can be particularly difficult to pull, requiring a great deal of torque and air movement. Furthermore, gas-powered vacuums are far more mobile than corded machines. Corded and cordless tools are ideal for working in a small, well-kept yard.

A gas engine vacuum is best for a large lawn, especially if you need to remove nuts, twigs, pine cones, and pine needles in addition to the leaves. Also, bear in mind that manufacturers frequently refer to blowing mode rather than vacuum mode when stating air movement speed and volume. There is no standard test for vacuuming lawn debris, and air movement is only one component of the model. The material you’re removing, its shape, friction, and dampness all have an impact on how well a machine vacuums.

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Furthermore, the data for the mulching ratio for these machines appear to be irrelevant to us. When you carefully inspect the debris bag of a leaf vacuum, you’ll notice that most of the leaves are only partially shredded. This should come as no surprise. The flattening and packing caused by forcing the leaves into the bag, as well as the shredding caused by the machine’s impeller, account for the reduction in pile size.

#1. Best Electric Leaf Vacuum Mulcher

Vacuum Mulcher-shredder

The Toro 51619 model is nearly identical to the Toro 51621 model in terms of features. A quick-release latch that easily converts the blower to a vacuum, variable speed control, and a concentrator insert are among the features. The power insert and concentrator assist in removing any stuck leaves and debris from difficult-to-reach corners.

It is a 12 amp electric blower vacuum with a 250MPH airspeed, 350 cubic feet per minute (CFM), and 410 CFM vac mode. With a weight of only 8.5 pounds (3.86kg), this best leaf vacuum mulcher blows and vacuums leaves while also performing the mulching function effectively. A powerful steel mulching propeller of the Toro 51619 leaf vacuum mulcher aids in obtaining the best and finest mulch.

The primary distinction between the Toro 51619 and Toro 51621 models is the mulching ratio and how it shreds your leaves and debris. Toro 51619 has a slightly lower mulching ratio and shreds leaves to 88 percent of their original size, whereas Toro 51621 shreds leaves at 97 percent of their original size. Another difference between the two variants is that this one lacks a nozzle as well as an oscillating ring. A leaf collection bag and three tube connections are included in the Toro 51619 model.


✅ The cord lock system secures the cord and keeps it out of the way.

✅ The quick-release latch makes it simple to switch from leaf blowing to vacuuming.

✅ The bag has a zipper at the bottom for easy debris disposal.

✅ Reasonably priced

✅ Controllable speed

✅ Impeller with metal blades

✅ A speed control knob

✅ The ergonomic handle allows for a variety of grip positions.


❌ Users complain about the bag’s poor zipper quality.

#2. Toro 51618 Leaf Blower Vacuum 

Vacuum Mulcher-shredder

This model has a 10.5 amp corded electric motor that delivers an airstream at a maximum speed of 215 MPH. When maneuvering in tight or restricted areas, you can customize the airspeed using two different settings.

A compact, lightweight (just over 6 pounds) design that is well-balanced, comfortable to use, and easy to maneuver. An adjustable shoulder strap improves comfort while reducing arm and shoulder fatigue.

With an 8:1 leaf reduction ratio, the Toro Rake and Vac TM 51617 can handle all sizes of leaves, sticks, and other debris.


✅ The unique fan design increases vacuum flow rate and decreases clogging.

✅ In seconds, the quick-release mechanism converts the blower into a vacuum.

✅ Has a variety of tubes and inserts for specialized applications such as clearing debris from edging and cracks.


❌ The machine is heavy, and the leaf collection bag is cumbersome.

❌ Vacuum requires a flat surface on which to be set down.

#3. WORX WG509 Electric Leaf Blower

Vacuum Mulcher-shredder

It’s a leaf blower and vacuum that allows you to blow your leaves into a pile and then suck them up with this leaf vacuum by flipping a switch. The switch on the leaf blower makes it simple to switch from leaf blower to vacuum.

The ergonomic design of the WORX leaf vacuum allows it to be operated with just one hand, funneling the wind in an easy-to-handle way.

This leaf vacuum’s tube curves at the lip to give easy access below lawn fixtures or inside garage spaces. To put it another way, you won’t have to get down on your hands and knees to collect the hidden leaves and debris.

The two-speed function on this leaf vacuum gives you more control over the tool’s power. On the bright side? When collecting leaves over small rocks that you don’t want to suck up, you can adjust the leaf vacuum sucking power.


✅ 3-in-1 design 

✅ A retainer is included with the electrical cord to help prevent disconnection from the extension cord.

✅ The two-speed function allows the user to change the speed.

✅ Impeller made of metal

✅ With the flip of a switch, you can easily convert your leaf blower into a vacuum.

✅ The tool’s ergonomic design allows the user to control it with one hand.

✅ The curled lip of the tube makes it easier to reach difficult-to-reach areas.


❌ Some users advise avoiding wet leaves.

❌ According to some users, the suction power drops significantly.

❌ Cumbersome for some users.

#4. Best Cordless Leaf Mulcher Blower

Vacuum Mulcher-shredder

The Greenworks model is the best leaf vacuum mulcher because it is one of the most powerful cordless leaf vacuum mulchers on the market and is suitable for any size yard. It contains a brushless motor with a push-button start that has less wear and tear and may last longer thanks to the brushless design, which eliminates overheating issues.

It has a 185 mph maximum airspeed and a 340 CFM airflow capacity, but it also has adjustable speed options to meet your demands. The variable speed options include six power settings, as well as an easy start and turbo button.

The Turbo button on this leaf vacuum mulcher gives you complete control over the speed you require. Since it has a handy variable speed button built into the handle, it quickly switches from blower to vacuum. The air nozzles are extremely durable, and you can select between narrow-angle attachments for concentrated and high-speed leaf blowing and a wider attachment for vacuuming or blowing a larger yard area. At only 11 pounds (4.98kg), it is half the weight of the other leaf vacuum mulchers with the attachments and the nozzle, making it an efficient tool for yard work for a battery-powered machine.

Furthermore, as far as battery-powered tools go, this is one of the best leaf mulchers because it has a 40V rechargeable lithium-ion battery and can move dry or wet leaves comfortably. The most significant benefit of a battery-powered leaf blower is the mobility it provides. Notably, batteries
are preferred because they are quieter, do not necessarily require as much maintenance and starting hassles as a gas leaf vacuum, and are easier to

This leaf blower is great for large projects or yards because each battery can cover roughly half an acre of leaf blowing. It takes about 120 minutes to recharge the Greenworks blower vacuum mulcher battery. This leaf vacuum mulcher comes with an optional G Max battery that can be used with over 40 other tools.

Chainsaws, mowers, weed whackers, hedge trimmers, and other tools can all be powered by this leaf vacuum’s battery. Simply, you can use a single battery to power a variety of garden tools. This can help you save a lot of money and even buy several batteries. This leaf mulcher vacuum also has a battery power indicator to tell you how much battery is left, so you can plan your yard work properly.

In comparison to other cordless leaf vacuum models, this blower mulcher vacuum is the only model that comes with tool-free converting of the blower to vacuum function. Greenworks electric leaf vacuum blows leaves as effectively as gas leaf vacuums and can also function as a vacuum and mulcher more quickly and easily.

The Greenworks leaf vacuum mulcher has an easy-to-carry oversized handle, a quick-release latch, a cold storage hook, a bottom dump zipper, and variable speed control. Because of the multipurpose nature of the blower mulcher, this is one of the most trustable investments you can make for your garden tools. It also comes with a fantastic 4-year limited warranty.


✅ It has a variable speed and six power settings.

✅ It has a battery life indicator that shows how much power is left in the battery.

✅ It has a very strong performance.

✅ A powerful battery that can be used for a variety of purposes.

✅ Because it is cordless, no extension cord is required.

✅ Works well on both wet and dry leaves.

✅ Simple to use


❌ According to some users, the battery dies quickly

❌ A G Max battery must be purchased separately

❌ A little pricey

#5. Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum

Vacuum Mulcher-shredder
Users enjoy using this Toro 2-in-1 leaf blower and vacuum. The Toro 51621 has a metal shredder that shreds your leaves into fine mulch while reducing up to 97 percent of mulched debris to less than a half-inch. In other words, it can convert 33 bags of leaves into one.

The leaf mulcher also includes a variety of tubes for specialized applications, such as an oscillating nozzle kit that sweeps the blowing air back and forth. On hardscapes, this oscillating technique creates a wider blowing path, allowing the user to work without straining the wrist. And, for even more convenience, the leaf vacuum’s handle allows you to use it in a variety of hand positions.

The Toro 51621’s Quick-Release Latch converts your leaf blower into a leaf vacuum in seconds, making yard work a breeze.

Finally, if you’re tired of cords getting in the way of your work, the Toro51621 eliminates that problem. The leaf mulcher’s cord lock system uses a built-in hook to keep the cable in place. So, while you’re gathering the leaves, keep the cord out of your way.


✅ The handle is designed to allow for a variety of comfortable hand positions.

✅ The Quick-Release Latch makes it simple to switch from a leaf blower to a leaf vacuum.

✅ Controllable speed in both blow and vacuum modes

✅ The Cord Lock System secures the cord in place.

✅ It comes with a variety of tubes for specialized applications.

✅ 3-in-1 design includes a blower, vacuum, and mulcher.

✅ Up to 97 percent of mulched debris is reduced to less than half an inch

✅ Impeller with metal blades

✅ On hardscapes, the oscillating nozzle creates a wider blowing path.


❌ Expensive

❌ The vacuum tube is poorly designed and cannot handle magnolia leaves.

#6. WORX WG505 Leaf Vacuum for lawn 

Vacuum Mulcher-shredder

With the WORX WG505, you can complete three-yard tasks with the flip of a switch: blowing, vacuuming, and mulching. After you’re finished, you’ll have a free bag of mulched leaves for your garden and flower beds.
With a mulch reduction ratio of 16:1, this leaf vacuum sucks up dry leaves. When you are vacuuming 16 bags of leaves, your leaf vacuum is shredding them into a single bag of mulch.
The WORX WG505 leaf vacuum, like the WORX WG509 Trivac, is designed for one-handed operation. The tube is also designed to allow easy access underneath lawn fixtures and other difficult-to-reach areas. 


✅ With the flip of a switch, you can change the function of the tool.
✅ Users say it’s simple to put together
✅ Reasonably priced
✅ Designed to be operated with one hand
✅ Airflow speed can be adjusted
✅ Easy access to difficult-to-reach areas


❌ The tool is heavy, according to the operators.
❌ Users have complained that the leaf vacuum emits dust.

#7. BLACK and DECKER Electric Leaf Blower (BV3100)

Vacuum Mulcher-shredder
It’s an environmentally conscious, (somewhat) neighbor-friendly piece of equipment, with zero emissions and a 50% reduction in noise compared to similar models.

The robust metal impeller mulches leaves and debris without clogging, making it great for sucking up the occasional acorn or stick and mulching them into a size suited for compost piles.

With a mulch ratio of 16:1, you can work for longer before stopping to empty the 1.5-bushel bag. A built-in cord retainer keeps the power cord firmly in place and plugged in, preventing power outages.


✅ A disposable leaf-bag system is included with the mulcher, which converts 16 full bags of mulch into 1.

✅ A corded 3-in-1 vacuum/blower/mulcher will quickly clean your lawn.

✅ The lightweight multi-tasker allows for a simple switch between blower and vacuum.


❌ The zipper’s curvature makes it difficult to empty the bag.

❌ Mulch bag is on the small side, and the shoulder strap is uncomfortably long

#8. BLACK and DECKER leaf vacuum mulcher (BV 3600)

Vacuum Mulcher-shredder

This is Black & Decker’s more affordable option, and it can be classified alongside the Ivation as a lower-powered, cheap leaf blower combined with a leaf vacuum and mulcher.

The Black & Decker BV3600 has two speed settings: low (180 MPH) and high (230 MPH). The mulch to Ivation ratio is the same at 10:1. While it is not as quiet as the more expensive Black & Decker model, it is only one decibel higher at 69 dBA.

It must be one of the simplest to use, weighing only 8.1 LBS and having a two-position handle setup. It contains a long-lasting plastic anti-clog vortex impeller for mulching, which may not be as effective as steel impellers, but it should handle most garden debris with ease.

The Black & Decker BV3600 and Ivation Blower-Vacuums compare very well as the two cheapest options on the list. Choosing between the two will be a matter of personal taste. If you have harder twigs in your garden debris, the Ivation’s steel mulching impeller may be superior. However, like the other Black & Decker, this one may sway you with its quiet operation.


✅ Comfortable to use and creates minimal dust.

✅ Lightweight, inexpensive, and very powerful.

✅ Comfortable to use and creates minimal dust.

✅ Lightweight, inexpensive, and very powerful.


❌ Occasionally, leaves become lodged inside the suction tube.

❌ The assembly instructions are a little confusing.

#9. BLACK and DECKER BV5600 High-Performance Blower 

Vacuum Mulcher-shredder
This is another brand that provides excellent value for money, with tools that have a reasonable spec level and good build quality. In most ways, the Black & Decker BV5600 is very similar to the Worx model.

It also has a two-speed control with a top speed of 250 MPH.  It also has a steel mulcher with a 16:1 ratio. It lacks the reducer nozzle and weighs 14.3 LBS. Though the extra weight is made more manageable by a better handle design that allows you to use it with one or two hands, this will certainly help people who find it to be a little on the heavy side.

The Black & Decker is the clear winner here, with a noise level of only 68dBA. No other electric leaf blower models provide sound level specifications, but I don’t believe any can compete with the Black & Decker. 

To give you an idea of how quiet this is, a normal conversational voice has a decibel level of 65dB. The sound level of the Black & Decker BV5600 is about the same as that of a normal conversation. This is ideal for those who have obnoxious neighbours who complain about even the smallest noise.

As such, at a price that is very close to that of the Worx WG 518, the Black & Decker BV5600 compares very closely with some better aspects and some that aren’t quite as good as its rival. It really depends on what you value more in terms of noise vs weight because they are both equally good. The Black & Decker BV5600 is covered by a two-year warranty.


✅ No hassle leaf disposal
✅ High power mulching


❌ It has issues with wet leaves

✅ Versatile cleaning

#10. BLACK and DECKER BV6600 Electric Leaf Blower 

Vacuum Mulcher-shredder

Users appreciate the BLACK+DECKER BV6600 for its powerful suction, great vacuuming, and near-flawless performance. The high-impact metal fan of the leaf vacuum prevents clogging and shreds up to 16 bags of leaves into one.

With a 12-amp motor, this powerful leaf vacuum sucks up leaves, twigs, pine needles, and grass clippings , leaving your yard immaculate.


✅ A built-in cord retainer ensures that the cord remains plugged in for uninterrupted use.

✅ It absorbs leaves, pine needles, twigs, and grass clippings.

✅ Controlling the speed of the machine is possible thanks to the variable speed control.

✅ Relatively light in weight

✅ 3-in-1 design

✅ At 68 dBA, it emits a low noise level

✅ A high-impact metal fan aids in the prevention of clogging.


❌ Leaf collecting bag easily breaks

#11. WORX WG518 Electric Leaf Mulcher 

Vacuum Mulcher-shredder

This company is well-known for its straightforward approach to gardening tools. Worx tools are almost as durable and tough as much more expensive brands, and they provide excellent value for money. Simple technology, with few bells and whistles, is designed to get the job done.

The Worx WG518 is nearly as powerful as the Toro we just saw, moving air at 250 MPH with a volume of 400 CFM. It does not have variable speed control, but instead has a two-position switch that allows you to choose between a top speed of 250 MPH and a low speed of 160 MPH. It also has a high-quality mulcher made of steel. It mulches at a 16:1 ratio, so you’ll get compost-ready debris once it’s finished doing the work for you.

When needed, the nozzle’s end attachment can be used to narrow it down for increased blowing power. Those looking for a lightweight machine may be disappointed by its weight. It’s a bit of a heavyweight in comparison to many of the others, weighing 10.8 LBS. A well-designed handle makes it relatively simple to move the heavier blower around.

If you want a basic leaf blower that also functions as a leaf vacuum and mulcher and has a lot of power, the Worx WG518 is the one to get. You really can’t go wrong at such a low price for such a powerful machine. 


✅ This is a very powerful leaf vacuum.

✅ Reasonably priced

✅ Lightweight

✅ Excellent value for money


❌ For large projects, this is extremely inconvenient.

#12. Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag Ride-on Lawnmower 

Vacuum Mulcher-shredder

This is a large bag that connects to the output of your ride-on mower — it’s exactly what it sounds like. Simply strap on the bag, start the mower, and rake some leaves.

It’s an efficient way to remove leaves, pine needles, and other debris from your yard, especially since most traditional leaf vacuums’ bags fill up quickly and don’t hold much. This lawn tractor leaf bag will require less emptying and will not have to be carried around.


✅ Bag opening circumference of 120 in.

✅ Cord secures in place and locks in seconds.

✅ Fabric that is abrasion-resistant and long-lasting.

✅ The front debris flap keeps dust and leaves inside the bag.

✅ There is little to no maintenance required. Foldable for easy storage.


❌ User does not trust in its  plastic material

#13. Sun Joe SBJ605E Electric Leaf Vacuum Mulcher 

Vacuum Mulcher-shredder

The Sun Joe SBJ605E 3-in-1 mulcher, blower, and vacuum has high horsepower and easy conversion between a leaf blower and a leaf vacuum. This is how it works: If you blow your leaves into a pile, suck them up, or mulch them down, you’ll have a clean yard in no time.

The Sun Joe SBJ605E has six adjustable wind speeds and an aluminum alloy impeller that can shred 16 bags of leaves into one.


✅ 3-in-1 design includes a blower, vacuum, and mulcher.

✅ Impeller made of aluminum alloy

✅ Reasonably priced


❌ According to some users, the leaf vacuum is not so durable.

#14. Best Gas-powered Leaf Blower 

Vacuum Mulcher-shredder

The Echo is an excellent machine that is nearly as clog-resistant as the Stihl. It had no trouble with dry and uniform debris, gobbling it up at full throttle and quickly filling its bag. It trailed the Stihl only in the mixed-debris and damp-debris tests. But, to be honest, the difference in power between the two is negligible. Converting from a blower to a vacuum is quick and simple.

Grip the large plastic lugs moulded into the vacuum tube and twist it off to remove it. The debris bag, which is held in place by a large Velcro strap, is simple to mount and empty. The machine received only one minor flaw: the fixed-position sliding on/off switch.

Our experience has shown that a momentary rocker switch is preferable because it automatically returns to the start position after the machine is turned off. When we remembered to turn the Echo on, we inadvertently went to restart it in the off position.


✅ Gas-Powered

✅ Easy to handle


❌ Users reported ignition coil issues

#15. Husqvarna 125BVX Leaf Vacuum  

The Husqvarna is extremely well-made, starts quickly (with one pull), and handles dry leaves with aplomb. It did, however, clog when collecting damp mixed debris like oak leaves and pine needles. We were perplexed by this, given that it has more than enough airflow.

Is it a deal-breaker? No. We did have a problem with its bag attachment, which is a heavy-duty spring sewn into the bag’s collar. Its grip on the discharge tube is so strong that the bag cannot be easily removed once attached. You end up carrying the filled bag as well as the machine to dump the shredded contents.


✅ Mulching ratio 16:1
✅ Auto return stop switch
✅ Cruise control


❌ User facing problems regarding its gas-powered feature

✅ High air volume and velocity

#16. Ivation Leaf Blower & Mulcher   

leaf Vacuum Mulcher-shredder
The Ivation doesn’t make too many compromises for a price that is lower than most of the others. It’s a tough blower-vacuum-mulcher with steel impellers on the mulcher, so the quality is comparable.
With a maximum speed of 230 MPH, it is slightly less powerful than the others. Its mulching ratio, at 10:1, is also slightly less impressive. It also lacks a power blasting nozzle with a narrow-angle. These specifications are very reasonable when compared to the lower price tag.
In terms of the rest, it compares favorably to the others, weighing around 10 LBS and having a comfortable handle. A simple on/off trigger switch controls the power.
The Ivation is a good buy because it is a low-cost option with specs that are very similar to the others. It should not be considered of lower quality due to its lower price; it is a very basic, well-built leaf blower/vacuum for those who do not want to spend extra money on the more advanced features and extra power of the others.


✅ In seconds, you can switch between vacuum and blower without using any tools.
✅ A powerful blower, a high-speed vacuum, and a METAL leaf shredder all in one.


❌ User facing issues regarding its battery timing

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