7 Best Craftsman Leaf Blowers of 2022

Craftsman is an American-based well-known Tech brand that not only makes leaf blowers but also other tech equipment like inflators, drills, grinders for homeowners and home builders. Craftsman makes a variety of leaf blowers with various features. There are three types of craftsman leaf blowers.

Craftsman Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers


Gas-powered blowers are more powerful and heavier than electric and battery-powered blowers. The people who owned large yards mostly prefer gas-powered blowers because of two reasons, first, there is no wire that usually creates obstacles while carrying a blower and the second reason is that the gas blowers can run for a long and clean larger area. We’ve included the following two gas blowers on our list:


Craftsman B215

  • 25 cc, 2-cycle gas engine 
  • AirSpeed: 200 MPH
  • Air Volume: 430 CFM 


Craftsman B225


  • 27 cc, 2-cycle gas engine
  • AirSpeed: 135 MPH
  • Air Volume: 610 CFM




Gas blowers are expensive and produce smoke which pollutes the environment due to this factor many cities of California have banned this type of blower. Furthermore, these blowers have more weight that makes them difficult to carry around.

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If you are more concerned about the environment than leaves and other debris you can choose an electric or battery-powered blower. 


Craftsman Electric Leaf Blowers


Hand-held leaf blowers are the most common type of electric leaf blower. It comes in two varieties: corded and cordless. Leaf blowers that are corded must be connected to a power outlet, whereas cordless leaf blowers use rechargeable batteries. 




Because of the length of the cable, corded electric leaf blowers have limited mobility; also, carrying the cord around might be inconvenient. The strength and life of battery-operated electric leaf blowers are limited.

#1. Craftsman Handheld Gas Powered Leaf Blower

The Craftsman handheld gas leaf blower gives you the power and convenience you want. The lightweight and powerful 2-cycle gas engine has a high-performance air volume and airspeed of 430 CFM and 200 MPH. 

This blower has Easy Start technology for easier pull starts, as well as 3-Step Starting: prime, choke, and pull. The integrated scraper and longer nozzle assist clear hard leaves and debris, allowing you to handle any job. This leaf blower is portable, cordless, and powerful, and it’s ready to get to work.





Variable Speed Throttle

Translucent tank to indicate when to refuel

Quick Start Technology




❌ Poor customer service regarding this blower

❌ Noisy

#2.   Corded Craftsman Leaf Blower


For tiny to medium-sized leaf heaps, the Craftsman electric leaf blower CMEBL7000 is excellent. This product is worth paying attention to because of its powerful 12 Amp motor, dual speed control, and high volume air and speed.


A strong motor runs this corded electric leaf blower, making it ideal for tough jobs. You can quickly switch between a blower for lawn care and a vacuum/mulcher thanks to its tool-free design. The backpack collection bag can hold up to 55 liters of rubbish and has lightweight straps for further comfort and ease on the work.






No tool is required to assemble it

Backpack collection bag




❌ It seems not so durable

#3Craftsman Battery-Powered Leaf Blower

This handheld blower comes with two batteries providing more convenience. The 20V brushless motor in the Craftsman CMCBL720D2 20V Blower provides tremendous performance. Two 2.0 AH lithium-ion batteries power the axial blower, which is compatible with other V20 Craftsman equipment.


The axial fan design provides for a maximum flow rate of 350CFM and a speed of 100MPH. For more power or longer runtime, the axial blower has a lightweight construction and a variable speed trigger.




Boost mode for heavy debris

Two Speed Controls


Batteries and charger are included




❌ Poor plastic material

#4Cordless Craftsman Leaf Blower

This blower has a powerful brushless motor and a 2.5 Ah battery, which allows you to power through up to 14 acres of yardwork. Users can select between more power and more runtime with Variable Speed Trigger & Cruise Control. 


The cordless blower’s axial fan design provides optimal efficiency with up to 600 CFM and 110 MPH. When the job is done, use the inbuilt VERSATRACK hook to conveniently store it. This battery-powered leaf blower is compatible with all V60 CRAFTSMAN tools thanks to the V60 battery platform.




Cruise control

High-performance battery

Hook for storage




❌ It May does not work with other 60V Craftsman batteries

#5.  Craftsman Leaf Blower with Battery


Users like the way this powerful battery-powered leaf blower blows the leaves and other debris. It has a two-speed trigger you can blow it slow for tight spaces and increase the speed by pressing the trigger for large areas. 


A powerful motor with up to 340 CFM and 90 MPH powers the V20 Cordless Axial Blower. The 2.0Ah battery in the battery-powered leaf blower allows you to complete a variety of jobs outside. This cordless leaf blower’s V20 battery platform is compatible with Craftsman V20 Outdoor Equipment and Power Tools.




✅ Easy to carry around

✅ Two-speed controls

✅ Cheap




 Not useful for large projects

#6.  Leaf Blower with String Trimmer

This monster has a lot of strength. This blower is capable of cleaning gutters, blowing behind patio furniture, and even removing leaves from your yard. It’s light enough to be maneuvered from the hip with no effort, and the handle is pleasant. The variable trigger is silky smooth and simple to use.


This is something different from all other leaf blowers because this blower comes with a string trimmer for tackling overgrowth. It can blow leaves at the speed of 145 MPH. It comes with the state-of-the-art storage system VERSATRACK for easy storage. With the variable speed control, you control speed for tight and open spaces.  The string trimmer that comes with this blower has a powerful motor to tackle tough overgrowth. 




Concentrator nozzle

Comes with a string trimmer

Compatible with versa track system




❌ A strap should have been added for a longer period

#7.  Craftsman Gasoline Leaf Blower


The dual bearing design of the Craftsman mixed-flow gas leaf blower reduces vibration. With air amplified technology, the 27cc gas engine produces an industry-leading air volume of 650 CFM. Its inline intake maintains a nice balance for consistent operation, while the over-molded comfort handle absorbs and reduces vibration for effortless leaf blowing. With an electric engine starter, its Electric Start Capability removes manual pull starts.




Best for a large yard

Variable speed control

Powerful 2-cycle engine




❌ Not as powerful as manufacturer claims



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