8 Best Toro Leaf Blowers of 2022

Toro is a well-known American company that mainly manufactures equipment for garden maintenance like a leaf blower, mulcher, vacuum, string trimmer, and many other types of equipment and spare parts. It also makes products for irrigation allowing farmers to revolutionize the agriculture sector. But today we are going to explore its leaf blowers as well as vacuums. There are a variety of leaf blowers from this brand on Amazon and other online stores. 

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Its leaf blower usually comes with an electric power source, as per our experience electric blowers are durable, get the job done faster, and are cheap. There are different features in toro leaf blowers for different purposes, for instance, the Oscillating tube is one of its blower’s features designed to cover wide areas without moving the wrist. Let’s discuss all features one by one. 


Types of Toro Leaf Blowers


Toro designs only two types of blower: electric and battery-powered (if you are looking for gas-powered or wheeled blowers then try other brands). Unlike other manufacturers they make only hand-held blowers to move easily around the yard. Other brands offer backpack and wheeled blowers, if you want to buy one of these styles then try other brands. 




Corded means a blower with a wire powered by a power supply. This type of blower can run for a long time and clean your large yard. If your budget is low then we will recommend you to purchase a corded one because its price is comparatively lower than those of a cordless blower. Its wire limits the users to freely move around the yard but this is a little drawback and now this issue has been solved by the Toro manufacturers because they have made a Hook on the blower to hang the wire.  



Blowers that are powered by batteries are called cordless blowers. This type of blower enables homeowners to move freely. If you have a small job to do then these cordless blowers are perfect for you. Cordless blowers are expensive ranging between $80 to $200. We used cordless blowers in our yard in order to test its battery. We knew that the battery can last only for 15-20 minutes.


Metal Impeller  Wet leaves make it difficult for blowers to move them but if you buy a blower with a metal impeller feature, designed to mulch the leaves into small pieces with its metal blades, your yard cleaning will be a breeze for you. 


Bottom-zip bag – Now, you don’t need to shake the bag by turning it upside down in order to empty it. Instead, with this little feature, you can empty your bag just by opening the zip integrated at the bottom of the bag. 


Variable Speed Control – You can adjust your blower speed for tight and open places with this feature. Sometimes we need to slow down the blower for corners and tight spaces, at that time we move the knob to slow down the blower. 

#1. Cheapest Toro Leaf Blower (Toro 51585 Power Sweep)

For removing leaves and debris from sidewalks, decks, and driveways, the Toro 51585 Power Sweep electric blower is ideal. This blower produces forceful air at 155 CFM and speeds up to 160 mph. The Power Sweep is lightweight and easy to operate, weighing only 4.6 pounds.


A strong motor produces air speeds of up to 160 mph with a minimum speed of 130 mph, which is controlled by a two-speed air control. This control switch is conveniently situated on the handle, just beneath your thumb. In confined locations, the low airspeed gives you more control, while the high-speed option gives you the power to finish the job.




Very low price 

Powerful and light

2-Speed controls

Narrow Nozzle




 It may create power supply issues

# 2. Electric Toro Leaf Blower (Toro 51617)

This is not only a blower but has two more functions: Leaf Vacuum & Leaf Shredder. The Leaf vacuum is a powerful function to reduce your work, after blowing leaves just turn this function on and start vacuuming piles of leaves. If you want to reduce the size of your trash just use its 3rd option i.e leaf shredder, it will reduce the size of leaves making it easier to carry.


It’s tiny, contemporary, and easy to handle. It has up to 215 mph blow airspeed and has two speeds so that when operating in tight or limited zones you can manage airspeed. Rake & Vac does not require tools to switch from blow to vacuum. In Vac mode, eight bags of leaves may be reduced to one bag.




Cord Lock System

Easy conversion between the functions

Two Speed Controls

Easy to handle




 It has a very short wire

#3. Corded Toro Leaf Blower (Toro 51619)


The Toro 51619 Ultra Blower Vac offers 3 power tools in one. Use variable speed controls for winds up to 250 mph to clean up your yard. This blower comes with a powerful impeller having metal blades to produce an airflow for vacuuming and blowing leaves from your yard. A blower having a motor does not reduce the size of debris but if you use a blower with a metal impeller it will mulch the leaves to a very low size. 


Often cleaning the yards you need to lower the speed of the blower for tight spaces, this blower has that function that is called variable speed control which allows you to adjust airspeed according to your specific need. 




No tool is required to switch between blower and vacuum

✅ Lightweight
✅ Variable Speed Control



 Bag Zipper is not so durable


#4.  Electric Toro Leaf Vacuum (Toro 51621)

The Toro leaf blower with the greatest performance. All the ultra has additional time-saving performance and leaf shredding. The innovative shreds-all shred ring works with the metal rod to reduce to less than 1/2″ up to 97% of mulched waste. There is also an oscillating dust kit. This kit swings the air back and forth automatically into wider blowing paths without moving the wrist.


It includes a main tube blower for dry leaves; power insert for wet and heavy leaves; concentrator – use in corners and gratings; cord storage hook – store the cord around storage hook by wrapping the cord. The reduction in debris depends on the nature and condition of the material.



Concentrator nozzle

Cord storage Hook

Bag with bottom zip

3-in-1 device




 It May does not work properly for a large project


#5. Corded Toro Leaf Vacuum (Toro 51618)

The 51618 can be used to collect dry leaves, on hard surfaces, to remove dust, leaves, clogs, and cobwebs. The handle is well-designed to grasp numerous places, plus the cord lock ensures that the cable does not come out.


The Super Blower has a two-speed engine and much easier conversion from blowing to vacuuming. The 230 mph highest air flow clears sticks, scrap, and even big, heavy leaves. It rapidly transforms into an aggressive vacuum without any instruments and reduces leaves to 10 bags. The leaf bag comes with a shoulder strap, which is important, and when fully loaded, it gets rather heavy. The mulching ratio is good.




Plenty of power

No tools conversion

Three in One

Mulch ratio 10: 01

Quick-release latch




 It may create power supply issues


#6.  Heavy-Duty Toro Blower


Toro UltraPlus is compatible with a WORX LeafPro universal leaf collection system as it is designed to fit all major brands whether they are electric or gas-powered and manufacturers suggest buying that collection system with this unit. The oscillating tube makes this blower more effective, with this feature you can blow leaves from a wider area, and for this, you don’t need to move your wrist around, rather it will automatically cover surrounding areas within its range. 


The metal impeller is another amazing feature that is made of metal as it can be guessed by its name. While vacuuming leaves, this feature avoids leaves getting stuck into the vacuum and shreds them into pieces, reducing debris size. If you use toro’s own leaf collection bag then you can use its bottom zip function that is designed to release debris without removing it from the vacuum




Oscillating tube to cover a wider area

Bottom zipper bag

3-In-1 machines

Compatible with the universal leaf collection system





 You will need to use an earplug because of its noise

#7. PowerPlex Toro Leaf Vacuum (Toro 51690)


Toro’s PowerPlex Blower blows away yard debris. This cordless blower can move waste and has the necessary features to control it easier for many tasks. Its thoughtful design ensures a very balanced tool with the variable speed trigger, speed lock, and a turbo boost for the single-handed operation. 


Toro included a blower component for easy mounting of the Toro rink cleaning kit and an oscillating path nozzles kit for expanding the service and saving its customers time. The T90 battery can run up to 60 minutes and charges this battery in about 60 minutes in the fast charger. This combination of versatility and power is not offered by another cordless blower.




Turbo Boost Power

Speed Nozzle to increase airspeed

Brushless DC motor for more power 

Variable Speed Trigger to control the speed 




 The battery cannot last-long


#8. Toro Small Leaf Blower (F700)


This blower is perfect for those yard or lawn owners who are looking for a cheap and small but powerful leaf blower. It has only 1 pound weight that can be carried by kids, everyone in the family can operate this blower. This corded leaf blower has more power to remove your yard debris but you need to buy an extra cord to move far from the power supply to clean larger areas.


It can be used only for small projects. There should be a curved nozzle for tight spaces but it lacks that feature. It has more power at 140 Miles per hour than its size and price. All you need to do, just pick it out of the box, plug in the power supply and start blowing your yard leaves. It makes little noise so for that, you will have to use earplugs.






Best for small jobs





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