Cheapest Leaf Blowers Just Under $30

Raking leaves with the help of a Rake or Broom is an uphill task in the age of machines. No one wants to spend his time cleaning the yard, garages, or even home in his free time. Sun Joe made it possible for everyone to use a leaf blower to save time. No other brand offers such an amazing price.

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You may worry about the features of a cheap blower that contains comparatively fewer features than an expensive one but when it comes to power cheap one has more power at this little price. There are huge price differences between the blowers ranging from $18 to $250. Let’s compare a cheap and expensive blower for clarity.

Cheap vs Expensive

Sun Joe SBJ597E has a 6-Amp motor with 155 MPH Airspeed and 260 Airflow just at $18. On the contrary Black + Decker is a well-known brand and its leaf blower LB700 has a 7 Amp motor that generates 180 MPH with 180 CFM airflow capacity at the price of $34. This price is even higher than the Sun Joe SBJ601E that has a 10 Amp motor with an airspeed of 215 MPH just at $29. As you can see there is no big difference in terms of power but when it comes to price LB700 has more price. 


[su_heading]Cheap Electric Leaf Blower (Sun Joe SBJ597E)[/su_heading]


This is the perfect size for sweeping porches, patios, sidewalks, decks, and garages — and even light snow. You will want to carry it everywhere, and it’s tiny enough to store it in the trunk, deck box, or pole closet quickly and easily. 


Its design makes it easier to move around freely and it can easily be disassembled and assembled using no tool and because of this feature users can store it anywhere. If you are a senior citizen then this is for you due to its weight. 


Don’t undermine its power because of its size and price, Sun Joe SBJ597E-SJB comes with a 6 Amp motor that generates 155 MPH airspeed

and 260 CFM airflow enough to remove leaves from walkways, patios, and porches. At only $19 it provides power like a costly one. One thing that it does not include is an extension cord, you need to buy that extension cord separately. 


Sometimes we need more pressure to remove stubborn leaves and this blower has that facility. It comes with a concentrator nozzle designed to compress the air for more pressure. Use this nozzle and get rid of stubborn leaves go ahead and buy this budget-friendly blower. 






Easy to use

Easy to assemble

Concentrator nozzle for more pressure




 Lack of cord retainer 


[su_heading]Cheap Corded Leaf Blower (Sun Joe SBJ601E)[/su_heading]

This blower is perfect for small outdoor projects, a little pricey than the previous one but not a dealbreaker. Corded blowers usually have more power because of the power supply. It comes with a 10 Amp motor that generates 215 MPH airspeed that can blow even wet leaves from your yard, walkways, and patios. With 2-speed adjustable you can set speed for tight and open places.


For hard-to-reach places, there is a concentrator nozzle that can be used for removing debris from corners and other tight places from your site. All you need to do is just wedge the nozzle in the larger tube and start getting more air pressure as it narrows the path for air. 


Since it is a light-duty blower designed to blow small debris but it can be used for wet leaves as well as to pick the pine needles up. Last week when we tried to move wet leaves from our lawn it did the job. But it is recommended to use it for small debris. One more thing we would like to recommend you while operating this blower must use an earplug as it creates too much noise. 




Plenty of Power


Best for wet leaves

Easy to use

Concentrator nozzle






[su_heading]Ultra-lightweight leaf blower (LawnMaster BL705 [/su_heading]

If you don’t like Sun Joe SBJ601E either due to its weight or ugly design then consider  LawnMaster BL705, which has only 4 lbs weight compare to SBJ601E’s 4.4 lbs. In addition to this, it has 160 miles per hour airspeed again higher than the Sun Joe SBJ601E. 
This lightweight corded leaf blower contains an 8 Amp motor, powerful enough at this little price. Cord Retainer makes it easier to move freely as it keeps the cord in place avoids the fear of unplugging, which can interrupt you while operating the blower. It doesn’t include an extension cord like the others, so buy it separately.  



Weighs only 4 lbs


Low noise

No maintenance



 Given the immense positive reviews, testing ourselves, we don’t think it has cons. 

Extension Cord


If you are looking for a blower with an extension cord then don’t waste your time, there is no leaf blower at such a little price that provides an extension cord. People get confused while purchasing an extension cord as they don’t know which one will work better. We recommend you read the Product Manual or go with our suggestions.


Note: All the above-mentioned prices could be changed at any time.




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