Best Dewalt Leaf Blower of 2022 – Buyer’s guide

Choosing the best leaf blower within a planned budget is hard as one can’t come to a decision without having proper information concerning the product because there are varieties of leaf blowers available in the market today, and above all, having a top-notch leaf blower is pre-requisite for maintaining the garden, lawn or yard. 

For a homeowner whose land is not so large, a battery-powered leaf blower is the best option. Battery-powered leaf blowers can easily run for 30 minutes which is enough to clean a small area of land and can also be used for removing dust from cars, blowing leaves from the gutter, and cleaning closed areas like corners. 

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But here once again you may face impediment as to which brand’s leaf blower is to be bought? And that brand should be reliable for customers as well; its products should be state-of-art and environment friendly. Here comes a brand like Dewalt which is loved by thousands of its customers across the globe. If you have ever bought Dewalt’s products, or are familiar with it, then you are surely aware of its one battery system, which means one battery can be used in all its products be it chainsaw, grass trimmer, or weed eater. If you already own its product(s) then you must consider the following Dewlat leaf blower.

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Why should you prefer a battery-powered leaf blower over a gas or electric one? A gas-powered leaf blower has more power than any other kind of leaf blower – heavier and pricey than any other as well – but this type of leaf blower is only handy for the large properties where one’s has to deal with a larger area along with stubborn debris. An electric leaf blower can be used for both larger and smaller properties but it comes with a built-in problem i.e cord, which limits an operator to roam around freely. But when it comes to a battery-powered leaf blower, it provides more comfort to its users as it is cordless and lightweight but only handy for small areas like lawn, sideways, garage, gutters, and for removing dust from vehicles. 

As compared to its model i.e DCE100B – not as cheap as it should be – our Dewalt leaf blower (DCBL722P1) is far better than the former whether we compare its power, weight, durability, or design. It comes with a removable concentrator nozzle for a high air stream. Usually, it is used for tight spaces where high air pressure is much needed and for stubborn debris. 

One more thing i.e debris scraper – tiny but helpful – think you are at your site operating leaf blower, sweating, feeling tiredness, and meanwhile, you have to deal with stubborn debris using your hand or anything else that can do this job definitely it will add fuel to the fire, but at the same time, you realize that you have debris scraper fixed with your leaf blower’s tube I bet you will get pleasure, with this tiny feature without any further effort you can scrap stubborn debris just by shaking your leaf blower.

Battery and Charger: It comes with a 5A or 20v battery (not included), which you may have already. Its run time is 87 minutes at low speed and 12 minutes at high speed, these figures can vary depending on your usage. It is recommended to keep low speed when you don’t need high pressure with this technique battery’s run time can be increased to 40 to 50 minutes, which is enough for cleaning a small area. One of my friends bought this Dewalt leaf blower 2 weeks ago, I went to his home intending to check it, and when tested its run time by triggering it at high speed and then at an average speed we got 15 and 40 minutes run time respectively. To charge the battery you need to buy a Dewalt battery charger or power station. 

Adjustable Speed: While cleaning a yard, garage, or anything else we don’t need constant speed every time. Sometimes we need a high air stream while blowing leaves from tight spaces, and low speed for sideways and smooth surfaces. For this purpose, the Dewalt leaf blower (DCBL722P1) provides a variable speed trigger with a lock for precise control. If you don’t want to keep pressing the trigger you can lock it at your desired speed.   

Stand: Very few leaf blower manufacturers provide this feature which is no doubt an ordinary one but can be handy in most cases like for mounting the leaf blower on a wall or keeping it on the surface of the earth.  

Motor: The key factor that makes a leaf blower worthy is its motor and this Dewalt leaf blower (DCBL722P1) has an axial fan motor that maximizes the power and runtime. It can produce 450 CFM of air volume with a speed of 125 miles per hour. 

It was our trusted Dewlat leaf blower but one thing that we don’t like concerning this is its price, which is on the higher side. It is recommended, if you can easily buy this then must go with this one otherwise consider any other. 

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