3 Best Dewalt Battery Chargers of 2022: Fast & Reliable

Battery chargers are the most common tools we don’t think most about them when we intend to buy them. The best battery charger can exceptionally prompt our work, and an awful one can slow down our whole progress. Dewalt has made a lot of products to-date that have added comfort to our daily life. Whether we talk about leaf blowers, vacuums, chainsaws, grinders, or many others all are facilitating us in our daily work. For getting better performance from all of them, we need a better and fast Dewalt battery charger.

Types of Dewalt battery chargers

There are two types of Dewalt battery charger – single battery charger and battery power station – the former is comparatively more economical than the latter. A battery charger bears a single port to charge a battery it means one can charge only one battery altogether. A battery power station has more than one port means multiple batteries can be charged simultaneously. The battery power station is handy for multiple tools owner who needs to charge more batteries at the same time and a single Dewalt battery charger is useful for limited tool owner. 

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Factors to consider before buying

There are various types of Dewalt batteries each one has its own specifications so before buying a charger must check its compatibility with the battery that you have because some chargers are only compatible with 20v while others with 60v. Then there is power outlet difference some are specifically made for car’s power outlet and others for regular, therefore, consider a right one.  

Types of Dewalt batteries

  • 12v Max
  • 20v Max
  • 60v Max
  • Flexvolt 20v/60v

After spending hours in researching and testing, we compiled a list of the best 3 Dewalt battery chargers that will help you choosing the best charger.

[su_heading]#1    20V MAX DEWALT Battery and Charger [/su_heading]

The reason behind being a top one is its attractive bag with the inclusion of 20v Max battery, and above all it is cost-effective. It is sold in a pack of these three items despite only a charger. With this Dewalt battery charger, 12v and 20v batteries can be charged. Its soft storage bag can store your small tools and make them easy to carry around. 

Dewalt Battery Chargers

Although it’s a little pricey, but 100 times better than the cheaper one for instance if you buy Dewalt DCB107 lithium-ion battery charger – being sold at a very low price – does not work properly as when a battery is put into it, its light starts blinking after sometimes becomes solid indicating that the battery has now been fully charged, but in reality, it does not, therefore, never waste your precious time & money on such devalued things and invest in something better that worth your money. 

Still doesn’t want this? You may not go with this, the reason can be the inclusion of a storage bag or 20v Max battery that makes it expensive but not really out of the reach, to a certain extent it is reasonable. We also included only Dewalt battery charger on the list consider that one.      

[su_heading]#2    20v and 60v DEWALT battery charger [/su_heading]

Nothing is better than having the desired performance from tools that are meant to add comfort in our life and this Dewalt battery charger exactly does this job.  It is one of the fastest chargers available in the market that can charge a battery within 01 hour. This battery charger is compatible with all the 20v max and flexvolt batteries must check compatibility before making a deal. 


Dewalt Battery Chargers

Internal Fan: Not all battery chargers have this feature but this one comes with an internal fan to cool the battery while charging to avoid getting heated up. It pulls air across the battery and keeps it cool, this way it boosts the charge time.  

LED Indicators & Mounting Hole: The LED indicators tell you the current state of the charging as how much battery has been charged and how much more time is required to make it fully charged. With the mounting-hole one can easily follow his housekeeping rules by mounting it aside on the wall.  

The DCB118 is another battery charger as same as DCB1112, to some extent faster than this one but relatively expensive. If you want to buy a faster charger then must go with this one.

[su_heading]#3    The cheap 12v/20v Dewalt Battery Charger (DCB115) [/su_heading]

Above mentioned Dewalt battery chargers were not low-priced and that’s why you may don’t want to go with them but here is a reasonable option for you.  It’s a single battery charger kit without any extra items. It comes with a 6 ft. cord, which is enough to cover the distance between power outlets to your charger holding table or it can be hung somewhere close to the power outlet.


Dewalt Battery Chargers

Although it has the potential to charge the battery in 90 minutes or less, which is designated by the company, its actual ability is far beyond this figure as it takes too much time to charge the battery as compared to the above-mentioned battery chargers. However, this downside doesn’t be considered as a deal broker because it is usually observed that, when a charger takes more time to charge the battery, its runtime automatically increases.     

As always, before buying must check its compatibility with your battery as it can charge 12v and 20v batteries. LED indicators help you to know the current state of the battery.

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