8 Best Dewalt Battery Adapters

Sometimes we invest heavily in tools on account of needs or to fulfill our desires with the passage of time they turn old and new modified versions having lots of new features replace the old versions. In such a scenario, one cannot put aside the whole old tools nor sell them and at the same time wants to buy a new one with more features and durability. In this article, we are going to talk about one such tool i.e. Dewalt 18v tool. These tools can be used using Dewalt battery adapters. 

Why should one switch his 18v tools into 20v Max? As we know 20v Max tools work on li-ion batteries – it is obvious from its name that it comes with the state-of-art lithium-ion technology – which has longer runtime and durability, Whereas, the 18v batteries are made up of NiCd and NiMH technology, which is not as durable as Lithium-Ion.

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For 18v tool owners, there is a savior i.e. battery adapter, with this the 18v tools can easily be converted into 20v Max tools. There are many brands manufacturing this incredible tool. We have compiled a list of the best Dewalt battery adapters preventing you from randomly searching these adapters on the internet because this way it consumes too much time to analyze things but from our list, you can easily analyze and choose the better one.     

We were of the view to compile a list only based on Dewalt battery adapters but our efforts went void as there were minimal numbers of Dewalt battery adapters available on the market, therefore, to provide you a handsome option to consider we included some other compatible brands, FOR INSTANCE, CEENR, AMCH, TPDL, MAKI, TDL, DUTYONE, HOISON, and VANON. 

The 2 Best Battery Adapters of Dewalt Itself

There are only two Dewalt battery adapters and the rest are from other brands. 

[su_heading]Best Battery Adapter (DCA1820)[/su_heading]

If conversion of 18v to 20v tools is your main concern and the adapter should be from Dewalt brand then this battery adapter is perfect for you. It is expensive than its competitors but cheap as compared to other Dewalt battery adapters. 

Dewalt Battery Adapters

There are many other battery adapters available on the list but we put it on the top on account of its brand i.e. Dewalt, as it will better suit your Dewalt tools. It will fit all your 18v tools and allow the use of all 20v Max compact batteries.

If you already have 20v Max Charger then it is ice on the cake as it requires this charger to charge the battery. Moreover, with this Dewalt battery adapter, the 20v/60v flexvolt batteries cannot be used in 18v tools.  

[su_heading]Battery adapter kit (DCA2203C)[/su_heading]

There are two styles of adapter selling on Amazon – adapter and adapter kit – no major difference in terms of their function other than this the adapter kit does not come as a single item you will get battery, charger, and battery at a single discounted price, here you can save 26% of your money.   

Dewalt Battery Adapters

Kit Includes:-

  • 02 20v Max li-ion batteries (DCB203)
  • 12v & 20v Max Charger
  •  18v – 20 Max Adapter

Again not compatible with flexvolt batteries and can be used for 20v Max batteries.  

Cheapest battery adapters from other brands

As said earlier that there is a minimal amount of Dewalt battery adapters available on the market. In order to provide you with more options, we included some adapters from other brands, which are no doubt cheaper than Dewalt battery adapters. Following are the cheapest battery adapters for converting your 18v tool to 20v Max tools.

[su_heading]Cheapest battery adapter from TDL [/su_heading]

As compared to Dewalt’s adapter this one is far cheap as it costs only $16. For more efficiency, this adapter automatically changes between voltages – 2v and 18v. 

Dewalt Battery Adapters


  •  All 18v tools
  • Dewalt 20v batteries: DCB200, DCB201, DCB203, DCB203BT, DCB204, DCB205, DCB206.

Before buying make sure you have a Dewalt 20v Max charger as it is a prerequisite for using this adapter otherwise you will have to remove the battery and charge into the charger separately, furthermore, don’t buy for flexvolt batteries. 

[su_heading]Pair of Dewalt battery adapters from Dutyone[/su_heading]

At a single price, you can buy this pair of adapters. It is cheap and user-friendly. Note this particular factor that to charge the battery it needs to remove from the adapter. 

Dewalt Battery Adapters


  •  All 18v tools
  • Dewalt 20v batteries: DCB200, DCB201, DCB203, DCB203BT, DCB204, DCB205, DCB206.

It is recommended because its single piece costs you nearly $13 with comparatively good material. As always don’t buy for your flexvolt batteries.  

[su_heading]Pair of Dewalt battery adapters from VANON[/su_heading]

This cost-effective Dewalt battery adapter of the VANON brand can be used only for 20v MAX XR batteries to run the old 18v tools. This pair of adapters cannot be used in 12v and 60v Max batteries.  

Dewalt Battery Adapters


  •  All 18v tools
  • Dewalt 18v/20v batteries

It’s not recommended for large tool owners because of its compatibility limitations, although, single tool owners can consider this pair as its one-piece costs only $12. 

03 Dewalt Battery Adapters along with USB Ports

Having extra useful features in a device that you are going to buy is ice on the cake as you don’t need to buy an extra gadget, which not only saves your money but free you from taking care of each gadget.  Following are some Dewalt battery adapters containing fast-charging USB ports. 

[su_heading]Awoke battery adapter for Dewalt 18v tools[/su_heading]


[su_heading]Magolin battery adapter for Dewalt 18v tools[/su_heading]

[su_heading]AMCH battery adapter for Dewalt 18v tools[/su_heading]


Must Remember This Thing (Be Careful)

While using an adapter you need to remember this one thing never keep your battery in the adapter while it is not in use because it will drain up your whole battery and make it null. 

How do we choose products?

In order to provide you a clear stance on products we go with the following parameters, firstly, we conduct [hour]s long research in finding the better one keeping in mind its price, compatibility, continuity, and durability. Secondly, if possible, we test them comparing with each other for instance if we are testing Dewalt batteries we compare their actual runtime and charge time and thereafter decide which one is better. 

One more thing that we carefully check i.e. products’ reviews on Amazon by users, we do this to ensure our stance on the products because there is a possibility that the one which performs well with us, may not works properly with others. Must keep in mind that never makes a perception about the products just reading two or three negative reviews, always observe the problem of an individual with the product because there is a possibility that they may have any other specific problem, which may have a connection with the said product.

The products which don’t come fit with even one of our designated parameters we reject them and do not include on the list. Therefore, never hesitate while going with our choice. 


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