3 Best Dewalt Charging Stations

Maybe you are the professional landscaper, property owner, or whoever you are, landed at the right site because here you are being guided about the Dewalt charging stations. This kind of battery charger has more than one port to charge the battery usually used by professional landscapers or multiple tools owners. As compared to a single battery charger kit the Dewalt charging stations are heavier and larger in size.

There are different types of Dewalt charging stations – some have two ports while others have 3 or 4 ports. It depends on your requirements which one better suits your tools and Jobsite. Keeping in view your needs, we have compiled a list of well-researched and tested DeWalt charging stations.

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Things to check before buying

Compatibility: There are varieties of DeWalt batteries and battery chargers, therefore, make sure before buying that you are going to buy the right one. Some DeWalt battery-powered tools come with 20v Max or 12v while others come with flexvolt.

Size: Size is not something that matters a lot but for some users, it may do. The size of the Dewalt charging stations depends on the ports they contain. The more ports they contain, the more size they have. 

[su_heading]#1    The Rapid Dewalt Charging Station[/su_heading]

Nothing can make your work faster other than this monster as it has 4-ports that can charge your four 20v Max batteries simultaneously. You may think about its output power which may get divided and slow down the charging while using the four ports at a time, but don’t need to worry about it, it provides 8 amps output to each port simultaneously. 

Charge Time: This DeWalt charging station can be even more rapid in case, if you have the DCB204 batteries, you can charge them within 40 minutes at a time with this charging station.  It takes 60 mins to charge four DCB606 batteries.

Thru-Hole & Side Brackets: While mounting the charging station on the wall or to carry around, this tiny feature, thru-hole, comes in handy in such situations. Furthermore, it has side brackets to keep it onto the ToughSystem Rails.

Compatibility: With this exceptionally rapid Dewalt charging station one can charge 12V MAX, 20V MAX, and FLEXVOLT 20V/60V MAX DEWALT batteries. We always emphasize this particular factor as it must be checked while making a deal. 

The main thing that makes it out of the reach, for some users, is its price. However, As compared to single-port DeWalt battery chargers, which have only one port to charge the battery, this charging station is less pricey as it provides 4 ports, which means that we are buying four battery chargers at this single price – so it is reasonable. 

[su_heading]#2    Cheap Dewalt Charging Station[/su_heading]


You may not want to go with the above-mentioned DeWalt charging station because of the price, don’t worry, there is another and cheaper option for you i.e. DeWalt DCB102, which may perfectly go with your budget. As compared to DeWalt DCB104, this one contains a lesser feature as it has only two ports, no mounting hole, and 90 mins charge time. Even though it has lesser ports but to fill this gap it provides 2 USB ports with 1.5 max output to charge your compatible devices like mobile phones. 

LED Indicators – It comes with LED indicators that help you to monitor the battery.

This DeWalt charging station is only handy for charging the 12v and 20v li-Ion batteries.  Having lesser features is not a huge problem but heavy weight in addition to this is a big downside. 

[su_heading]#3    The Best Dewalt Charging Station for Jobsite[/su_heading]

If the heaviness of Dewalt DCB102 was your main concern then go with this smart and lightweight DeWalt charging station. With this charger, you can also charge 02 batteries at a time. In order to check capability we tested this charging station, it charged our 20v and 12v batteries in nearly 2 hours, which is a slow charge time. It has 2 USB ports with 1.5 amps output which are handy to keep your device’s batteries stable when the main source of power is not available. 

To be honest, if weight is not your main concern then go with the 2nd one on the list because these two own the same features and the 2nd one has a comparatively less price. 

Previously we have reviewed almost 03 DeWalt battery chargers for single or fewer tool owners. In a single battery charger, there is only one port and these kinds of chargers are cheap, so must check this list out, if you are looking for such battery chargers. 

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