How To Clean Oven Glass Door Without Baking Soda- 3 Hacks

Transparent oven glass gives you a facility to check food being baked-on without opening the door, a dirty one doesn’t allow this and slows down the performance altogether. 

It’s risky to clean the oven glass door every 2-3 days with commercial oven cleaning products. They emit toxic fumes that can contaminate food. 

What if, I give you a homemade oven glass door cleaning recipe that doesn’t include baking soda? In this article, you’ll learn how to clean oven glass door without baking soda.

Why should you avoid using baking soda for the oven glass door?

Baking soda is abrasive which means it can scratch delicate surfaces. In our case, the oven glass door is a delicate surface that is vulnerable to scratches. 

Also, backing soda can cause discoloration of certain surfaces. It doesn’t completely ruin the surfaces, it’s unsightly. So, 

How to clean oven glass door without baking soda

There are many ways to clean oven glass doors without backing soda from homemade to commercial cleaning products. It depends on you what you want to go with. 

Commercial products come with chemicals that can cause irritation to the eyes, contaminate the food you cook, and leave toxic smells. But, this way you can clean your oven glass door quickly. 

On the other hand, homemade oven cleaners take too much time to clean. However, it’s safe. No fumes and no smells.

But, I’ve included both homemade oven cleaners and commercial oven cleaners. It’s on you to opt for one of them. 

Homemade oven glass door cleaners

Let’s first try homemade oven cleaners. They are safe as they do not contain any toxic chemicals. Homemade oven cleaners don’t cause damage to the oven material as commercial products do.  

Above all, homemade oven cleaners are not detrimental to your children and pets. You have to be ultra careful if you buy commercial oven cleaning products while having children and pets at home.

Things you need

Dawn dish detergent: Hope you don’t have to buy this basic item. It should be at your disposal while you start cleaning the oven. Use it to prewash the oven glass door prior to applying any recipe. For yard lovers, dawn recipe for getting rid of moles.

Spray bottle: Spray bottle will be used to spray the mixture of homemade recipes. 

Microfiber cloth: Microfiber cloth is the most important thing because we are going to clean the oven glass door. It is a delicate surface that cannot bear the scratches caused by sponges or cleaning brushes.

Microfiber cloth is very fine and soft cloth. It usually uses on delicate surfaces like glass. Microfiber cloth can lift up the tiniest bit of dirt, including grease and grime.   

Cleaning oven glass door with vinegar and dawn

This homemade oven cleaning recipe can take your cleanup to the next level if applied properly. 

Mix equal parts of dawn and white vinegar in a spray bottle. Before this, you need to prewash the oven glass door with dawn dish soap alone.

Now, apply the mixture with a spray bottle. Let it sit for half an hour. Now wipe the solution with microfiber, and you will get the glass door sparkling. 

Lemon juice as oven glass door cleaner

Lemon juice is a natural recipe for cleaning most delicates as well as coarse surfaces. How does lemon juice clean a surface? Well, it has citric acid and antibacterial properties. 

Citric acid is capable of cutting through stubborn grease stains as well as other icky buildups. That’s why Lemon juice is the best homemade cleaner for oven glass doors. It’s perfect for delicate surfaces i.e. oven glass doors. 

First and foremost clean the glass door with dawn dish detergent using a damp cloth that should be soft. After that, mix 3 tablespoons in a cup of water. Mix it well.

Using a damp cloth preferably a microfiber cloth scrub the liquid on the oven glass door. Let it sit for half an hour or more. 

To get your oven glass door sparkling, wipe off the solution with a microfiber cloth. If it persists, give it another try.  

Best oven glass door cleaner

If you don’t want to use homemade oven cleaners whatsoever the reason is, you can go with the store-bought oven glass cleaners. 

Method heavy-duty degreaser 

The manufacturer claims it is made up of plant-based grease cutters. That means method heavy-duty degreaser is safe to use in your oven. 

All you need to do is just buy this glass degreaser from a nearby store or amazon. Next, spray the cleaner on the oven glass door and wait for a few minutes.

Wipe off the solution with a microfiber cloth or non-scratch sponge to get your oven glass door sparkling. 

Wrap on how to clean oven glass door without baking soda

We have to be diligent when it comes to cleaning ovens, especially with store-bought cleaners. Toxic chemicals contaminate the food which can lead to unbearable damage. Also, direct exposure is risky.

Homemade oven glass door cleaners are the best option for getting the glass sparkling without toxic fumes. You can opt for one of the above or try all of them. 

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