How To Connect Two Downspouts Together?

Connecting two or more downspouts together involves a lot of effort like looking for a reliable option. If you fail to connect them properly there will be leakage.  Subsequently, water finds its way to the foundations. 

Sometimes, a wrong estimate spoils your whole performance and wastes money as well. If your measurements for downspouts also went wrong, you need not worry about it because you’ve an opportunity for redemption of your mistake.

There are downspouts connectors in the shape of coupling, reducer, and adaptor on the market but to choose one of them is really tiresome. That’s why stick with the guide to learn about how to connect 2 downspouts together eliminating leakage. 

Things to be considered before connecting two or more pieces of downspouts

There are certain factors to be observed carefully before joining pieces together to avoid further loss. 

Downspout Type: Generally downspouts are of two shapes used in America – round and square. So, make sure you know the type of your downspout.

Size: The downspout size is going to be challenging for you. Most people buy the wrong connectors due to ignorance of downspout size.

If a round downspout is installed at your home then measure its diameter before heading to buy connectors. Generally, 3 to 6-inch sized round downspouts are installed in the USA. For a squared downspout, measure its dimensions while its standard size is 2 by 3 inch.

Make sure, you exactly know the inner and outer dia of your circular downspout or all dimensions of a rectangular downspout. 

Types of downspout connectors

This is another important factor to be considered so you can get the right connector for the right downspout. 

Adaptor: As its name suggests, it is used to connect two different types of downspouts together like round and square. One end of the adaptor is rectangular and the other is circular. 

Coupling: This connector is used to connect two or more pieces of same-sized PVC pipes or aluminum together.  

Reducer: A downspout reducer is used to reduce the diameter of the tube at the end. 

Let’s disclose the monikers of our connectors for downspouts. 

NDS PVC Coupling for round downspouts

The coupling is made up of polyvinyl chloride to connect two pipes of the same sized together. If your downspouts are circular then try this coupling to resolve your issue. 

It is important to note whether its size is in accordance with your downspouts or not. However, it is 3 inches in its diameter.    

The NDS PVC Coupling can be bought at local stores or from Amazon. Next, connect your two downspouts with the help of a coupler using  Loctite Clear Silicone sealant.

The sealant will eliminate any possible leakage and make it sturdy and durable. 

Rectangular downspout connector

Same-sized rectangular downspouts are usually difficult to connect each other. But this connector can help you to connect 2 downspouts together. 

The connector is specifically made as a reducer but we can use it to connect two rectangular downspouts together. Use a sealant to make the connection sturdy.

Flexible PVC coupling to connect the round downspout

This coupler is made up of rubber and does its job with the help of steel clamps. It can be found on Amazon or at a local store.

To be honest, you need to find a perfect size for your downspouts as there are many variants of it. The coupler is come in handy only to connect same-sized round downspouts.

Wrap on how to connect 2 downspouts together

To be honest, a lot of research and experiment has been carried out to find out the best way to connect 2 downspouts together. But, we found limited options.

All of the above connectors are not specifically made up to connect downspouts together but they work very well if we use them for this purpose. 

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