How To Clean 3rd Story Gutters Without Ladder?

How to clean 3rd story gutters? No need to panic, in America, three-story buildings are 30 to 35 feet high and here we have gutter cleaning tools of the same height.  

Why do gutters get clogged? Leaves are considered the main factor that lead to clog the gutters and downspout due to the proximity of your house to the trees. In winter, trees shed their leaves abundantly and eventually they get stuck in the gutters. 

Resultantly, gutters start overflowing which eventually leads to structural damage to your house along with deteriorating the fascia boards used to support gutters. 

Cleaning gutters, especially third-story gutters are the main headache for homeowners because hiring professional gutter cleaning services for third-story house range between $170 to $425.

And to be a DIYer, in this case, is also risky due to safety hazards i.e. height and sharp edges of gutters which can cause severe damage. 

Cleaning gutters from the ground with the tools specifically designed to clean gutters is come in handy in such a situation. 

Using these tools one can easily do his gutters cleaning job from the ground without taking risks. No need to climb the ladder and get injured with the sharp edges of gutters.   Best Gutter cleaning tools that require no ladder

Following gutter cleaning tools are easy to use and eliminate the need for a ladder as well. These tools can be used from the ground ensuring safety. 

Docapole Gutter Cleaner

DocaPole telescopic extension pole can reach up to 36 feet high places. It is the only longest telescopic pole on the market that can also deal with multi-tasks. 

It is sturdy enough due to its material i.e. aluminum. Ideal to use on the 3-story gutters eliminating the use of a ladder. 

All you need to do for cleaning the gutters is to attach a curved brush specifically designed to clean gutters. Extend the pole to its maximum length in order to reach the 3rd story gutter using a quick-release thumb lever. 

It is worth noting that you need to buy a curved brush separately because this telescopic pole does not include any attachments.

Interestingly, passes can be monitored using a mobile holding attachment. Attach mobile to the telescopic pole to check how much area has been cleaned. 

Above all, the pole comes in handy in most of the chores. Whether you want to wash high windows, clean fans, saw an overhanging tree, and many more.

Last but not the least, the pole is retractable means it can be shortened to 7 feet to store easily or to use within the room.    

jOYjOB Pressure Washer Extension Wand

jOYjOB pressure washer is another option to clean high gutters. It can reach up to 24 feet high places. This pressure washer extension wand can effectively handle your tedious gutter cleaning task without requiring the ladder. 

It comes with attachments designed to cope with multiple tasks. A curved nozzle is one of them designed to clean gutters using high pressure of water. 

First, give 2 to 3 passes of the pressure washer over the gutter. Then attach the brush to remove remaining stubborn leaves or other debris.    

Another important item that we loved is the shoulder strap used to handle the wand effectively. At the end of the day, retract the wand up to 4 feet and store it.  

Things to consider before buying tools for 3rd story gutter cleaning

Prior thoughts on the product you are going to buy ensure that you’ve bought the right one. You must be cognizant of the following points:-

Nature of debris: To ascertain the nature of debris stuck in the gutters is one of the prerequisites. There might be large leaves and twigs or thin pine needles.  

Dry leaves require little effort to be removed but the leaves with layers of mud on them make it hard to clean the gutter from the ground. So, choose the suitable option. 

Material:  Awareness about the material enable you to opt for the durable, lightweight, rust-resistant tool. Above discussed tools are made up of aluminum which has all these properties. 

Length: The length of the tools is important here because we need to clean the gutters of the 3-story building. If you’re the owner of a 3-story building with a height of 30-35 feet, then the above tools are of the perfect length. Otherwise, look for another option. 

How often should I clean gutters?

It depends on the nature of the debris. Trees play the main role in clogging the gutters. Indeed, the trees surrounding the house provide natural protection against extreme weather but increase the fatigue of cleanliness as well.

If you have trees around your house then cleaning gutters and downspout every three months is mandatory. Otherwise, twice a year is enough.  

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