9 Best Carpet Sweeper Reviews

Carpet sweepers are great if you need a lightweight and quiet tool for cleaning floors. On this page, we review our nine favourite floor sweepers to help you make an informed decision.

Gtech SW22


We’ve listed our 9 favourite sweepers below, but if you’re just looking for our top recommendation it’s the Gtech SW22. The SW22 is a rechargeable electric floor sweeper with great dust and dirt pickup, 120 minute run-time and detachable handle for stairs.
So if you want the best and don’t mind paying a bit extra to get it, the SW22 is your model! If the price is too high, or you want a manual sweeper, check out the rest of our favourites below.

Do you often need to clean your carpets when other people are asleep? Or do you get fed up using a large vacuum just to clean every little spill?

If so, then a carpet sweeper might be the perfect option.

These relatively simple and inexpensive machines are great for quick clean-ups. Many people also use them as a backup to their regular vacuum when making noise isn’t an option.

But what does a carpet cleaner actually do?​

A Quick Overview of Carpet Sweepers

Example of a carpet sweeper
The Ewbank Speed Sweep is a popular example of a floor sweeper.

Before vacuums were invented, sweepers were the primary device for keeping carpets clean. Vacuum cleaners have largely replaced them, but you might be surprised to know that many people still use sweepers in 2023.

The original sweepers were simple mechanical tools consisting of rollers and a dirt container. When pushed over carpets, the rollers are forced to turn. This allows the brushes to sweep dirt and other debris into the container without requiring electricity or expensive motors.

While modern sweepers still use much the same process as those produced in the 1800s, there are also some differences. You can now buy an electric carpet sweeper, for example, which uses a motor to spin the brushes and collect more debris. Modern sweepers are also available for very reasonable prices, which makes them a cheap alternative to a vacuum cleaner – although for cleaning performance a powered vacuum (such as one of these carpet vacuums) is always going to be a better choice.

In this article, we’ve written carpet sweeper reviews for each of our top 9 models, along with information about features, performance and price.​ While we think all the models on this list provide excellent value, make sure you read the reviews to find out exactly which sweeper best meets your personal requirements.

Our Selection Process

Many of the factors affecting sweepers are the same as vacuum cleaners – although there are some obvious differences. The main things we look for in a sweeper are ease of use, ability to pick up dirt and dust and value for money. Reviews written by people who have bought and used the product also played a vital role in constructing this list.

But before we get to the top models, we think it’s important to have the right expectations of a sweeper. While it should be capable of picking up reasonable amounts of dirt, you also shouldn’t expect anywhere close to the pickup performance of a regular vacuum from a carpet sweeper.

To help you make the right choice, we’ve chosen a varied selection of sweepers in our top list. Each has been highly rated by buyers, but we’ve included a range of types, styles and price ranges.

Which are the Best Carpet Sweepers of 2023?

We’ve listed nine of the best carpet sweepers below. Each has different features, and there is a mix of electric and manual models.

Our Pick1

Gtech SW22


Bissell Natural Sweep


Bissell Supreme Sweep





Ewbank Speed Sweep


BISSELL Supreme Sweep Turbo


Dustcare Sweeper



Beldray BEL0387


Ewbank Evo 3



1. Best Rechargeable Cordless Carpet Sweeper: Gtech SW22 Power Sweep

If you’re looking for the best electric sweeper, then the Gtech SW22 is definitely an option to consider. It’s expensive for this type of product, yet has a range of features not found on competing models.
To start with, the SW22 comes with a 7.4V battery. This powers the motor and allows for up to two hours of run-time (depending on the surface), which is plenty for any cleaning task.
It also comes with a charging station. This charges the battery from empty to full in approximately three hours, which is relatively quick considering the long run-time. Additionally, the handle can be removed to make it easier to clean stairs, and the model is built with the familiar Gtech style.
Most importantly, the SW22 excels at picking up dust and dirt. It can even handle pet hair, due to the powerful motor, making it a convenient option for keeping your home as “hair-free” as possible between using your vacuum. We also like the edge brushes for getting close to walls.
In summary, the Gtech SW22 is an impressive cordless carpet sweeper. We love the Gtech AirRam – the company’s cordless vacuum – and the SW22 is built to the same standard. It does a great job of picking up dirt and hair and is convenient to use around the home. It’s relatively pricey, but if you want the best sweeper it’s an excellent option.


  • Powerful battery sweeper
  • Easy to steer and adjustable handle
  • Eco charging system


  • Weight: 1.4kg
  • Type: Cordless
  • Run-Time: 120 minutes

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